Na Aliʻi Wins $45M Competitive Blanket Purchase Agreement to Support DISA

April 30, 2018 No Comments

Honolulu, HI – Na Aliʻi was awarded a five-year $45 million Blanket Purchase Agreement to provide Engineering and Installation Site Support for the Pacific Enterprise Services Hawaii (PES-HI), managed by the Defense Information Systems Agency. Na Aliʻi will be installing and upgrading cable plant facilities in support of the modernization of the Hawaii Network Services project, including offering critical support for installation and operations of hardware and software, reconfiguration and modernization of technological infrastructure, and improving functionality and productivity of customer-facing operating systems.

“Na Aliʻi is proud and honored to be part of a decades-long telecommunications program for the DOD within the State of Hawaii. It’s very exciting for us to be involved in a project of this magnitude, migrating legacy voice and data services to a unified communications platform. This was a big win for us – our largest competitive to date. The most satisfying part of this award is that all this work will be done here within our State. This ultimately will allow us to hire and employ more local resources and keep the money here in Hawaii. This is important to us.” – Wain Iwaki, Na Aliʻi Vice President